The helmets

Casque Colombe Taille Unique (TU)

Modèle Casqu'en Ville Colombe taille unique de 54 à 60cm.
The helmets are made out of carbon, a high tech and modern material that is extremely resistant and light weight. You will find both these features in the Casqu’en ville helmet: it is light (between 310 and 220 grams according to the size) and resistant despite a very thin frame. The inside of the helmet is made out of polystyrene. The inside padding is identical to a motorcycle’s helmet providing maximum comfort. Air comes through 10 air ducts complying with safety standards. Finding a helmet that fits properly will be easy as it comes in 5 sizes.

Do not clean with solvents, bleaches or strong detergents as they could damage your helmet. Use a mild soap and water only. When cleaning the inside of the helmet, rinse with a damp cloth and air dry. Do not use stickers or paint on your helmet. Avoid exposure to heat and high temperature. Do not leave your helmet inside a car under the direct sun light for long periods of time.

Do not replace or modify any parts of your helmet as this could damage it and decrease it’s safety. Use only Casqu’en ville compatible accessories and carefully read the instructions’ manual. Casqu’en ville is not liable in case of use of non compatible accessories or unapproved features on the helmet.