About us

The idea of Casqu’en ville was born when we came to the conclusion that using a bicycle has become the most modern way to travel around in a city. So, why should we have to choose between our look and Safety?

With the increasing use of bicycle as a daily means of transportation in cities combined with the growing awareness for ecology of city dwellers, more and more people use their bicycles to go around, not only for leisure but also to go to work.

Casqu’en ville is not only developing “avant garde” products using the lightest, most comfortable and environmentally friendly materials but also products with a great look matching the clothes of elegant women, busy men and children alike.

Casqu’en ville gives you the opportunity to wear a small and light helmet made in accordance with international safety standards, coated with carbon, a material known for its sturdiness, resistance and light weight.

The helmets and hats are fitted with snaps. Pick the hat you like, snap it on the helmet and you are good to go.

You can have one helmet and as many hats as you wish to snap on.

According to your mood, or the weather, you can snap a hat, a cotton cap, a vinyl rain hat, plain or with a design...

You will be able to match all your outfits.

New hats for new seasons and Casqu’en ville becomes a fashion accessory...

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